Wednesday, 22 July 2015

абстрактный - abstract

in this world he sees with walls warping and moving
and changing,
where stairs, descend and ascend,
and nothing is as it seems;
where he walks, runs away; from what?
from something,
and is found; by what?
by something;
in this world where at one moment
he's in a classroom listening to a teacher,
the next he's walking with a girl in one hand,
and he's on a journey he's always been
his whole life; going, somewhere,
over there
where the sky is azure blue, and oceans
of potions wash up the shores and
a ship flows away to an unknown island;
then he enters the building, enters the room,
and he's here, where he's always been
and the next thing he knows, it's a dog
chasing her, and she leaps over the wall
into the backyard of some fancy house,
and she's sipping tea with her friends,
and the dog is vying revenge,
he'll leap over the wall and make her
but then they are there
where they've always been,
in this street;
and next thing he knows it's, shark,
no, a whale!
that swallows and suffocates its
there in the foamy ocean-
yes, beware, beware of whales!
beware of whales!
he yells
and the next he knows,
he's here, where he's always been,
doing what he's always done,
whatever it is-- абстрактный

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