Thursday, 13 February 2014


The snow sprinkled down from the sky like white dust. It sprayed down in slow hypnotic swirls and danced its way towards the ground. Then everything was coated in a white layer of ice; the ground, cars, and trees.

Some of the trees had shed their leaves for the winter. They were dry, naked stalks. They were sad that the harsh winter had stripped them bare. But the snow dressed them up in creamy coats, and they looked like guys about to out partying.

The other trees that were still green joined in the fun. They splattered white mascara on their eyes, and strapped belle belts round their waists until they were voluptuous. Then they winked, twirled their waists and seduced the guys out for a dance.

They danced all night long in the snow; as the flakes flittered on like tambourines; as ice shimmered like disco balls. They held each other in the waists, and flipped one another across the carpet of snow.

            But they were not alone in the fun. The cars had all painted their faces. The cream covered their eyes, lips and noses. Then their lights licked the sweet cream off their faces.

“Hummm, delicioso!” they said. The large, manly 4x4s looked liked like stags, with white bushy furs. They showed off their fluffy chests, and the smaller cars giggled. And soon they too were immersed in the music of the night.

I was sitting down in the living, looking out through the window. I saw snowflakes lingering in front of my window; dancing and twirling round and round like ballerinas, before taking a soft dive to the ground.

“Wee!” they seemed to say. “Look at us!” but no soon had I looked had they fallen off to pile up onto the soft layer of snow.

            Oh! Everything was so belle! Light made the snow shine. And that pure white hue made my heart dance with joy! Oh, snow my eyes will dance this dance forever!

Wednesday, 12 February 2014



Kisses poured out from the sky
Like rain splashing the Earth with love
So much love he began to cry
As she caressed him from above

Through the night we heard the tears
As sheets of ice pelted down,
Jabbing our windows like sharp speajrs;
Stabbing the heart of our town.

The next morning all was white;
All was frozen, still as death
Earth was almost out of sight
Trying to hide from his still birth

Sunday, 9 February 2014

My first love


Her name was love and she swung like a dove
As she flew down with her wings from above
The endless white sky; to give me a hug
With her soft feathers, like a ladybug

And whenever she spoke she cooed cutely
Her beautiful voice rose and fell acutely
Like a love-song hit by storms of passion;
I was the lover dressed up in fashion!

Oh! Those emotions she sprayed like perfume
As I lay hostage underneath her plume
Staring softly at those fiery black eyes
That still haunt me in dreams like cloudy skies

Today I sail alone on this old boat
Croaking and crying like an old toad
Because; oh! Doves must one day fly away
To clip out an olive branch from the bay.

Saturday, 1 February 2014


The snake slithers in the granary
Hidden and Coiled up like a metal spring
Its eyes are burning and ready to sting;
Its tail’s a work of furious archery

Chipo walks in with her bamboo basket
Singing sweet songs as she heaves maize
Into the basket. Then she lays her gaze
On a corner and sees her coiled casket

The snake strikes like lightning and bites her breast
She falls down and yells, “Yooo...!.. Bitten by s-nake...!”
The villagers wake up; find her dry as steak
And bury her with her sister to rest